Fly Fishing

Helicopter Fishing

The Ultimate Trout Fishing Experience!

DSC01608Dennis has specialised in this form of accessing wilderness areas to provide clients with the ultimate experience. Over 25 years experience and averaging 50 to 60 helicopter trips a year, he has developed and extensive knowledge of the fisheries of the central North Island. Some of his "secret locations" offer the world's best dry fly fishing in exquisite surroundings.

Whether for a day, or a week, this is the ultimate way to experience "the best that New Zealand has to offer". Free rising rainbows and browns that average 7 lbs!! Experience the thrill of "stalking" to sighted fish....nervously casting....and WOW!!...the raw thrill of fighting and landing one of these NZ beauties!

Overnight options are available.

Wilderness Fishing

Dennis specialises in overnight wilderness fishing trips accessing pristine waters by helicopter. The camp out option is a very economical way of fishing wilderness waters.

Deer Hunting

Dennis has exclusive hunting rights to thirty thousand acres of native bush. Hunting for red deer and wild pigs can be easily organised.

Day Trips

On Limited Time

Spend three of four hours on Lake Rotorua catching Rainbows averaging 3 1/2 to 4 lbs with the possibility of an occasional 10 lb Brown trout (for which we will shout a bottle of champagne, as these fish require a lot of luck, and skill to land). Lake Rotorua borders the city so you can actually be fishing within 10 minutes of being picked up from your hotel. We provide all equipment, licences and light refreshments in the comfort of an all-weather boat.

Fly Fishing

Experience a day's fly fishing with Dennis on a remote river or stream where you will be the only angler(s) in sight. The bush settings, the peace and tranquility will be yours as you stalk visible Brown and Rainbows of up to 12 lbs. Dry fly, wet fly, and nymph techniques are all used. Dennis delights in teaching beginners the art and joy of fly fishing. Expert anglers can spend days in this area visiting a different river each day, or on one of the fourteen fishable lakes in the district.

Whole Day

Spend the morning on Lake Rotoiti catching average fish of 5½ - 6½ lbs with regular catches of fish over 8 lbs. After a leisurely morning, transfer to one of the other six lakes where it is possible to catch Tiger trout, Zebra trout or Rainbows of superb proportions in fantastic scenic settings. Your day is broken by a picnic lunch on a deserted beach, surrounded by native bush and birds.

Wading and fishing the lake margins and stream and river mouths is very worthwhile and trolling, harling and jigging for trophy trout can be easily done from the comfort of Dennis' luxury cabin boat.

The Rotorua Lakes

Welcome to Rotorua's Lakes District, world renowned for excellent trout fishing.

Here is a trout fishing mecca of eight lakes and dozens of streams and rivers - all different yet productive when you know their secrets.

Whether you have only 3 or 4 hours or a whole day to enjoy your fishing adventure, Dennis has an exciting fly or boat fishing itinerary for you.

The only lake in the area that may be fished all year. Provides excellent fly fishing at stream mouths and is renown for a good harling and trolling catch rate. Trophy browns are often caught at night.

A deep lake surrounded by bush, making scenically attractive boat fishing. Some fly fishing is available at stream mouths.

Totally surrounded by bush and wonderful scenery. Some fly fishing available but a boat offers the best fishing here.

Beautifully set, an intimate and enjoyable lake to fish, responding to harling and fly fishing.

Home of the 'big ones'. Overlooked by the volcano Mt Tarawera. This is the place to catch trophy fish. Fishing is hard but the results are well worth the trouble.

Off limits to all but a chosen few.

Mainly used for water skiing but does provide good fish around 3 or 4 lbs.

Produces well to fly fishing and harling though restricted to row boats in duck shooting season.


Thanks Dennis for the best experience ever!

I have fished for over 30 years around the world, and you're the best guide ever!  I will never forget the times spent with you and will definately be back for more!

John Smith,
Colorado, USA

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