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"I've fished in New Zealand nine years in a row, usually for five or six weeks in January and February, and I always conclude my trip with six or seven days at Dennis Ward's. I conclude with Dennis because I know that my stay with him will be delightful and that I'll have some superb fishing, a fitting climax to my trip.

His guest house is elegant and comfortable, sited on his lovely lakeside property. There is quiet and privacy there, and separation from New Zealand's tourist crowds, but the bustling small city of Rotorua is actually only a few miles away and offers many good restaurants and stores and a range of interesting activities.

But I go there mainly because of the fishing, the best sort of fly fishing I know. Dennis or his son Simon can take you to a multitude of rivers and creeks, most of them out of a fly fisher's dreams. My favourites are the small mountain streams, some no wider than a two-lane road. Most hold both rainbows and browns averaging four or five pounds with plenty of seven to nine pound trout mixed in. I use an 8 1/2 foot 5 weight rod. The fishing on dry or nymph or both combined is challenging and beautiful, and Dennis is a wonderful guide and companion.

My only objection to New Zealand trout fishing in general and trout fishing with Dennis in particular is that it's spoiled trout fishing anywhere else in the world for me."

Dr Chauncey Loomis

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